Frequently Asked Questions


How Many Years Have You Been In Business?

We have been outfitting since 1989

How Experienced Are You Guides?

Our guides have a range of 10 to 25 years experience  

What Species Do You Offer?

Moose and Black Bear.

How Large Is Your Hunting Area?

About 50 square miles.    

Is There Any Fishing To Be Done After I Tag Out And Get My Animal Early?

Unfortunately the fishing season closes prior to the start of the hunting season. It closes in most of Newfoundland on Sept 7.

Is There A Weight Restriction For The Fly-In?

Yes, it is 70lbs plus your gun.

Are Non-Hunting Guests/Observers Welcome.

Yes of course.

Are Your Hunts 2×1 Or 1×1?

Hunts at our remote camp are exclusively 1×1 but at the main lodge hunts can be 2×1 depending on size of the group. 

Is There A Deposit Required To Book A Hunt?

Yes, a $1000 dollar is required to hold your spot. 

Why Choose Hideaway Lodge Over Other Outfitters?

We operate in a vast area with many areas to hunt with low hunting pressure. The remote camp licences are very limited to ensure a quality trophy hunt for many years to come. 

How Many Others Are In Camp?

We host between 4 and 6 hunters at the main lodge. The remote camp accommodates 2 hunters per week. 

Are There Any Additional Costs?

No. Not from us. Our cost covers the hunt, tax and licence. Gratuities to the staff are much appreciated and usally between 10% to 15%. There may be a small fee for the Non-Resident firearms possession licence ($25) at the point of entry into Canada,  And meat processing and shipping would be your choice if you wish to use these services. Same for taxidermy.